Tim Tebow

I was so excited to watch all the Mon­day talk shows to hear them just lam­baste Tim Tebow after his embar­rass­ing per­for­mance against the worst defense in the league—a defense that lost Andre Carter (it’s lone star) and was using Julian Edel­man in the sec­ondary. Surely, if Tebow couldn’t even put up 200 yards pass­ing against this team, every­one would put Tebow in his place…right? Wrong.

Tim Tebow is in a nice spot right now: His detrac­tors have basi­cally given up argu­ing the plain and sim­ple fact that he is not a legit quar­ter­back, and his boost­ers have argued his case so fer­vently that even when he has a bad game AND LOSES, they still give him credit.

Answer me this: When did com­plet­ing 50 per­cent of one’s passes for fewer than 200 yards with zero TDs, while rush­ing for 93 yards and scor­ing twice (even if one of those runs was a two yard score), all while hav­ing a bone­headed, cru­cial fum­ble, AND includ­ing four sacks for negative-53 yards, become a good game?

On ESPN First Take, Around the Horn, PTI, and Mike & Mike, most every­body either said that Tebow straight-up played well, or that he “played well for Tim Tebow”. THE PATRIOTS HAVE THE WORST DEFENSE IN THE LEAGUE!!! Dan Orlovsky threw for 353 yards against this sec­ondary and Vince Young put up 400 yards! And the Patri­ots were with­out Andre Carter, who was carted off the field on the last play of the first quar­ter!

Are these peo­ple watch­ing the game? They keep on talk­ing about the rush­ing yards (37 of which came in the first quar­ter when the Patri­ots allowed a stag­ger­ing 167 yards on the ground; and a 30 yard run when the Bron­cos were down by three scores with 3 min­utes remain­ing in the game) and that he didn’t have an INT. Why don’t they make a big­ger deal out of that mas­sive fum­ble? [Note: I had to cor­rect an inac­cu­rate com­ment that Tebow fum­bled the snap on the extra point. Please see com­ments sec­tion below.] They say 98 yards rushing…but don’t men­tion the 53 yards lost on sacks—with each sack com­ing when he held the ball far too long.

I actu­ally heard that com­plete idiot Ryan Stew­art on ESPN First Take say that Tebow “threw the ball great” down field…he was air­ing it out. I didn’t remem­ber that, so I went and looked at the play-by-play. Here’s what I found:

Tebow had a 22 yard com­ple­tion and a 34 yard com­ple­tion that began “on a short pass”. He also had four com­ple­tions between 14–16 yards that began “on a short pass”.

Accord­ing to the play-by-play, Tebow only com­pleted two “deep” passes…and I remem­ber both. One was a nice one to Eric Decker for 22 yards (deep? really?) and the other was a 39-yarder to Demary­ius Thomas. Now, on that play, Thomas was WIDE OPEN and had to wait on the ball. So, yeah, Tebow throws a great deep ball, I guess.

And what hap­pened in Tebow Time—the fourth quar­ter? Well, he went 5–12 for 110 yards. It should be noted though, that he was 4–5 for 95 yards on Denver’s LONE fourth quar­ter scor­ing drive. So on his three OTHER fourth quar­ter dri­ves (mind you, down by three scores against the worst defense in the league) he was 1–7 for 15 yards…let me repeat that…down three scores in the fourth, he only com­pleted one pass for 15 yards dur­ing his THREE other dri­ves.

In the fourth quar­ter he also had four rushes for 47 yards, includ­ing that two yard TD. But, let’s not for­get that he was sacked three times for 43 yards. So he had a net gain of 4 yards. Tebow Time, mutha­fuckas!

This was a bad game, peo­ple. Why can’t we just say that? Why are we giv­ing him grades of “B+” but Philip Rivers gets (jus­ti­fi­ably) ripped after every loss? Why do we absolutely dump mas­sive amounts of praise on Tebow after every fourth quar­ter come­back, but ignore the fact that he put them in the hole to begin with? Why when he loses a game and plays shitty in the fourth quar­ter, do we not jus­ti­fi­ably put him in his place?

I don’t get it. I just don’t get it.